Podium Finishes At NACAC Meet

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Published: June 21, 2017 8:23 am AST
Photo Credit: Olympic Committe/ C Farrington
The British Virgin Islands was well represented at the first ever North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) Athletic Association Age Group Championships, in Trinidad over the weekend, with the local athletes copping top placements.

The athletes that represented the Territory were Akeela McMaster, Aniya Findlay, Delano Hodge and Kishawn Martin, who competed in the Pentathlon; and Ariyah Smith, Azariah Christopher, Malaki Smith and Jelani Croal, who competed in the Heptathlon.

The pentathlon saw athletes from across the region, between the ages of 11-12, compete in a range of events, including 60m race, high jump, ball throw, long jump, and an 800m and 100m race, while the heptathlon saw persons between the ages of 13-14 compete in the 80m, 1000m and 1200m race, long jump, shot put, 60m and 80m hurdles, high jump and ball throw.

During the competition, the local athletes secured several podium finishes, as well as top ten spots.

In the pentathlon, out of 28 competitors, McMaster secured 3rd position in the finals of the 60 meters dash. She also went on to earn 5th place in the high jump and 6th in the 400g ball throw.

In the 800m dash in the pentathlon, Findlay also secured 3rd place.

Together, the entire pentathlon team from the Territory came in 6th place in a mixed 4x100 relay.

As it relates to their overall standing, McMaster placed 3rd, while Findlay placed 7th.

For the boys, out of a total of 29 competitors, Hodge placed 21st, while Martin came in 24th.

In the heptathlon category, Malaki Smith came in 1st in the 80m dash, with his teammate, Croal, coming in 3rd.

He went on to secure 1st place in the 400g ball throw and 3rd place in the shot put.

The heptathlon team came in 3rd place in a mixed 4x100 relay race.

In the overall standing, out of 32 girls, Ariyah Smith came in 22nd, while Azariah Christopher came in the 27th spot.

For the boys, out of 31 competitors, Croal secured 8th place, while his teammate Smith came in 13th.

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