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Published: April 18, 2017 1:35 pm AST
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For those who are anxious to see what's in store for the 2017 Emancipation Festival in Tortola, a sneak peek was provided over the weekend, during this year’s staging the Virgin Gorda Easter Festival.

According to the newly appointed Chairman of the Virgin Islands Festivals and Fairs Committee, Mr. Trefor Grant, this year’s festival on the mainland will be even bigger and better than ever before.

Speaking with BVI Platinum News over the weekend, while referencing the activities of the Virgin Gorda Easter Festival, Mr. Grant said, “If you think this is good, we’ll be coming even bigger for Road Town festival.”

He went on to encourage persons to stay tuned over the coming months, to see first-hand what's in store.

As earlier reported by BVI Platinum News, Mr. Grant stated that plans are already in motion for the celebrations, that are to be held in July/August, 2017.

He also noted that his committee already started to hunt for promoters, who will attract good entertainers.

"We definitely have started planning already for the Tortola portions of the festival...Up to just this week (March 20-23) my Vice Chair and I had a planning meeting, where we have also met with persons that we are thinking would help us with the entertainment," he said.

Grant said the committee has to start planning early in order to allow for a successful Emancipation Festival this year.

"We already got the blessing from the Honourable Minister (Hon. Myron Walwyn), so this is our intention...We don’t want to start behind the eight ball as sometimes, unfortunately, it has happened," Grant stated.

He reiterated, "So planning has already started and we are going to do it early."

In the past three years, participation in the festival activities has notably reduced significantly, and the committee has been complaining about scaled-back and late financial support from government.

The committee previously stated that efforts to hold fundraising activities have proven not to work since persons do not support the events.

Hon. Walwyn has since spoken out against the issue of government not releasing monies early to the committee to help with the celebrations.

"This has been a problem that has plagued festival for many, many years. It needs to become a thing of the past. I must say now that the festival committee is not fully responsible for this. The government needs to do a better job at advancing the monies to allow for this," Minister Walwyn previously stated.

He added, "I have spoken to the committee as well about doing more fundraising activities, etc."

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