Wheatley Claims Witness Lying

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Published: February 17, 2017 9:07 am AST
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Following the testimony of the final witness in a matter stemming all the way back to 2011, Denzil Wheatley told the court that the witness, an officer of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, is blatantly lying, noting that his story is not adding up.

Wheatley, who is charged with assault on a police officer with intent to prevent lawful apprehension, made an appearance this week before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-Dabreo.

According to the witness’ evidence, on December 30th 2011, officers, including himself, journeyed to Baugher’s Bay at the Alexandrina Maduro Primary School, where they saw the accused and his 12 month old baby girl.

After cautioning the man and informing him of a burglary matter, they requested that he accompany them back to the Road Town Police Station. The accused allegedly stated, “Why y'all don’t stop f***ing harassing me.”

In making attempts to arrest Wheatley, the court heard that he said, “Which one of you will put your f***ing handcuff on me.”

Allegedly, the officer swiftly grabbed his hand behind his back, which resulted in the accused spinning around and knocking him in the chest. A struggle ensued and both the accused and the officer fell to the ground while still in combat.

Other officers began to assist, subdued the accused and placed him in handcuffs.

While placing him in police vehicle, he allegedly kicked another police officer in the chest and chucked another in the chest.

While at the police station, the officer recalled that the accused threatened him by stating that he [police] should watch his back whenever he is in the area of Baugher’s Bay.

In cross examining the witness, Wheatley made mention of his 12 month old baby being on his side when the officers arrived, adding that all the struggle the officer described did not happen.

In questioning the officer as to where his daughter was at the time of the struggle, the officer noted he does not remember, adding that she was just standing there.

Wheatley also questioned the officer as to the possibility of someone who is handcuffed chucking another person in their chest, as outlined in his testimony to the court. The officer noted that it is possible.

Minutes after, the officer informed the court that he was having difficulties remembering details due to time. He noted that he couldn’t remember at what point exactly or how the other officer was chucked in his chest.

Wheatley also denied ever threatening any officer.

The accused chose to remain silent in the matter, not giving any witness to the event.

He will make another appearance on April 26, when the Magistrate will hand down her decision.
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