Taxi Man Charged With Statutory Rape

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Published: February 09, 2017 8:32 am AST
Akeem Sebastian
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A young taxi driver in the BVI, Akeem Sebastian is currently facing a charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 14 year-old minor, following an encounter that took place on February 3.

Sebastian made an appearance at the Magistrate’s Court yesterday, February 8, where Magistrate Jack Husbands presided over the proceedings.

Sebastian, who is being represented by Defense Attorney Charmaine Rosan-Brunbury, was subsequently offered signed bail in the sum of $40,000 with one surety. He was also ordered to keep away from the minor and report to the Road Town Police Station on Mondays and Fridays.

Sebastian is scheduled to make another appearance on April 10th.

According to the particulars of the matter, as disclosed by Crown Counsel Annjel Flax-Solomon, on February 3 after discovering the Virtual Complainant (VC) in the matter was expelled from school, her grandmother questioned her and instructed that she stand outside by the gate.

The VC proceeded to the gate and ventured beyond, leaving her grandmother's premises. She journeyed to Cane Garden Bay, to Paradise Club specifically.

While there, she observed the accused calling out to her while still in his taxi bus. The court heard she ignored Sebastian and did not know who he was at the time.

Shortly after, the two began speaking and he allegedly invited her for a drive, and she accepted.

During conversation, she inquired as to his name and age. He complied along with reciprocating the questions. In her response, she allegedly disclosed she was 16 years old.

The drive concluded at Long Bay beach where both the VC and Sebastian took the conversation to chairs on the beach.

It was at this point the court heard that the accused allegedly lifted the blouse of the VC and proceeded to kiss her about her body.

This was followed by him allegedly removing both of their bottoms, leading to sexual intercourse, which the court heard occurred twice, one after the next.

The court heard that after, the accused drove her to a gap close her home and instructed that she keeps quiet on all that transpired between them.

The VC allegedly remained on the outside of the house and in the morning, ventured to Qwomar Trading and caught a ride to Sea Cows Bay.

She was spotted by persons, who then informed her grandmother of her whereabouts. She was subsequently picked up and taken to the Peebles Hospital for medical attention.

On February 4, while visiting the Road Town Police Station in relation to another matter, Sebastian was spotted by the VC, who was also on the premises making a report. The VC then identified the accused to officers as the individual she had intercourse with.

Allegedly, the first thing Sebastian told officers following his arrest was, “How can I get bail”.

Under caution, the accused told police his version of the story, noting he did not have any sexual relations with the Virtual Complainant. He stated that he only gave her a ride home as she appeared to be stranded.

Sebastian noted that he had indeed picked up the VC from the beach on the night in question, adding that he saw her with a set of guys that night, who then left her there.

He noted that the VC walked up the beach at the same time he was leaving to go home, and she inquired whether or not he was a taxi man. Responding with a yes, Sebastian noted that she pleaded for a ride home and then proceeded to give him directions.

While in the bus, he allegedly questioned as to her name and age, at which point she told him she was 17.

Sebastian also noted that he questioned her as to why she was in the area so late, to which she responded that she was at the beach with two boys.

He alleged that she told him she had sex with the boys as well.

Following him being arrested and charged, the court heard that Sebastian told the officers, “I sorry for what I done. That's all I got to say.”
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