Five Families Evicted
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Published: January 11, 2017 7:43 am AST
Family Support Network
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With more and more cases occurring where individuals and families are being kicked to the curb with nowhere to go, the Family Support Network (FSN) has now entered into talks, soon to complete the planning process of the actualization of their very own "safe house".

For the year, FSN has dealt with a total of five cases where families and individuals were left homeless.

In an interview with BVI Platinum News, Director of FSN, Dr. Sylvia Simmonds noted that with the issue being at a level of grave concern, accommodation to house these persons without the financial burden is vital.

As it stands, FSN currently utilizes private accommodations across the Territory to house victims, where a charge between $150 and $200 a night is incurred.

“We are working with an organisation right now, who will assist us with a safe house.”

With their own accommodation, the network would have direct access to their tenants and would be able to offer added services.

“While under our care, we would be able to provide a number of services, such as hosting sessions to prepare them for jobs, money management, anger managemen and counselling.”

Talks of their own safe house resurfaced after a family of five, two adults and three minors, all BVIslanders, were asked by their landlord to vacate the premises immediately on Sunday evening, January 8.

Investigation conducted by BVI Platinum News indicate that the money earner of the family lost his job and was unable to take care of the family’s commitments.

The family is currently under the care and are being accommodated by the network in one of their safe house accommodations. FSN is also seeking additional funds to house the family, “until they are able to get back on their feet,” Dr. Simmonds noted.

This specific matter is the fifth case of this nature since this year, 2017 began, soon to trump the six cases that occurred throughout 2016.

“There are many persons who need shelter and come to FSN. We can’t house everyone, but we assist where ever we can by referring them to places that are more positioned to be of greater assistance.”

She added, “We have a lot of cases where husbands are putting their kids and wives out, or persons being financially unstable to keep up with their rent.”

Before housing persons, as a means to reduce the amount of money paid out of the network, persons are assessed and thoroughly questioned as to if there are any other family members or friends who would be able to house them.

“We need our own safe house, where we can house these families and individuals. The issue is a major one right now, as it is a very regular occurrence.”
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Albion | Report Abuse
It should be a source of pride that we have people in our community who are there to help and support the most destitute and most needy.

Interesting though that this falls to a private charity, who does this without support from Government.
January 11 at 10:04am | Like1 Person like this.   Dislike
These are real & serious issues that plaguing our territory and I have to wonder what the loony toon of a government doing about it. Is it even on their radar? They so busy focusing on who bad talking them or squandering tax money like it grows on trees as opposed to the everyday struggles of... more
January 11 at 9:30am | Like2 People like this.   Dislike
ndp heckler | Report Abuse
The NDP killed the economy so they should be the ones to help out in this situation
January 11 at 9:26am | Like3 People like this.   Dislike2 People dislike this.
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