Olympic Committee Keeping On
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Published: January 10, 2017 7:55 am AST
Athletes will face the starters gun on Friday afternoon in the kick off of the 2014 Track and Field season.
Photo Credit: Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway
Following the last four years of achievements, advancements and breakthroughs, the Olympic Committee of the British Virgin Islands has already begun to pave their path towards a heap of goals to be accomplished over the next four years, 2017-2020.

As the BVIOC strives to expand and advance the various sporting disciplines that exist within the Territory, the committee highlighted several initiatives that would assist this venture.

Moving forward, the committee intends to finally implement the long awaited National Sports Policy, which would make way for the National Sports Council. This body will govern all disciplines within the Territory, in addition to assist with their promotion, local and international participation, as well as finances to some extent.

Following its implementation, more athletes would be able to travel to represent the Territory, despite their status, as well as the possibility of athletes being compensated for their time off from work to represent the Territory.

Another major highlight is the celebration of women in sports, where the committee intends to recognize all the accomplishments of Tahesia Harrigan Scott, local track star.

Heightened marketing, promotion and education initiatives are also listed apart of their goals moving forward, among other projects which include a new 6-lane track at East End, expanding and creating new administrative facilities, and revising and updating existing plans and policies.

As it relates to the longevity and skillset of the committee itself, BVIOC intends to support a candidate for a Master’s Degree in Sports Administration and Management Programme.
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