OECS Applauds Changes In BVI's Education System
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Published: January 10, 2017 7:51 am AST
Hon. Myron Walwyn, Minister of Education and Culture
Photo Credit: Melissa Edwards/BVI Platinum News
The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) will be holding its inaugural Public Education Forum series event, Vini Koze, here in the BVI at the Tortola Pier Park on January 13 at 3:00 p.m.

Announcing that Hon. Myron Walwyn, Minister of Education will be a panelist at the forum, OECS complimented the BVI for the recent initiatives implemented in the education system.

"...As we highlight BVI’s innovation in education through initiatives such as the principals licensure programme, the Virgin Islands Emerging Fellows programme, the inclusion of Financial Services as part of the CXC curriculum and the transition to a mandatory 12th grade education for all students," OECS stated.

According to OECS, as the first in the six-part Vini Koze Forum series, it will set the stage for an impactful project outcome as they position the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States as a listening entity more attuned to the needs of its Member States and their citizens.

“Vini Kozé” is the creole translation for "Come Chat".

OECS is implementing the Regional Integration Forum series in several OECS Member States. This Public Education Forum Series (PEFS) seeks to incite regional discussion and awareness on a number of key topics such as Education, Climate Change and Economic Growth in the various OECS Member States.

The education-themed forum event will focus on highlighting successes in education and creating awareness of the deficiencies in the system, as well as discussing possible solutions that can be executed across all Member States.

Other confirmed panelists are Mr. Glenroy Cumberbatch, Caribbean Examinations Council Registrar; private sector representative, Ms. Dale Amory, founder of St. Kitts International Academy; education advocate, Jarnickae Wilson, an OECS student currently studying in Chicago; and grassroots representative, Ms. Lyndel Smith, teenage mom and university hopeful.

The forum will take place in a town hall setting and the contributing panelists from the OECS Education Unit and other regional institutions will be present in the audience to help augment the discussion.
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A professional grinds an axe to ensure productivity not to disdain. Growth never comes out of settling for what we get but what we strive for. It may look like an attack but hey, No pain No Gain. Growth is sustained when we prove ourselves at all levels, never just one.
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Self praise is no praise at all
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Maybe some of us are tired of people like "Wow", who live in this fantasy world of naivety and Political Correctness. Keep on dreaming; we on the front lines in education know that we are horribly underfunded, teachers paying (from an already tiny salary) to secure basic supplies,... more
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