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Published: January 09, 2017 1:02 pm AST
Photo Credit: Sharie DeCastro
A new year makes way for new initiatives, as a group of young people are joining forces to assist in the fight against criminal acts in the Territory.

The group, dubbed ‘One Is Too Much’, was swiftly kicked into action following the recent and first recorded murder of the year. Mr. Frankie Fahie lost his life last Friday, January 6th during a robbery.

In an interview with BVI Platinum News, Ms. Sharie de’Castro, local educator and former candidate for the Virgin Islands Party said the group intends to launch several initiatives to challenge the occurrence of crime in the local communities, all while working closely with the local police force.

“This [the group] will become the think tank for various initiatives which will include working closely with the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, sensitizing the community on the need to speak out, raising awareness on the dangers of turning a blind eye, being vigilant, organized campaigns and being the voice of accountability to government, the police and the community at large.”

She added, “One Is Too Much is not a onetime initiative. One Is Too Much will become our way of life. One Is Too Much should become the stance of every Virgin Islander and resident.”

The group, as noted by de’Castro, will transcend beyond politics and will be made up of a group of diverse individuals with different beliefs and backgrounds.

“[It will be a] bi-partisan committee which will include individuals with different political affiliations, religious backgrounds and social status. This is simply because an issue of this magnitude cannot be relegated to political banter.”

Disclosing a few strategic steps young people can adopt to tackle the issue, she stated, “Firstly, we can be peer responsible by holding each other accountable. Secondly, we can utilize social media for awareness campaigns. Thirdly, we can form youth alliances with the police force and from there various strategies can be initiated – just to list a few.”

She added, “Frankly, there is no single idea to tackling this issue. So the point is we can all do something.”

She further noted that although the issue is one for the legislators to tackle head on, residents of the Territory are all stakeholders in the fight.

“All legislators have the responsibility to ensure that effective laws are formulated and implemented, and the necessary funding allocated. There should also be a system in place that would help ensure that these laws are enforced. But while I believe that the main responsibility is in the hands of the legislators, I would hasten to say that we are all stakeholders in the fight against crime and violence.”

Sharie de Castro
Photo Credit: Provided
Commenting on the efforts of the police force, she encouraged persons within the community to open up and share any information with the body, to assist in securing peace across the BVI.

“We can have a conversation about resources and adequate training for police officers, but the problem is far greater because without the necessary information, simple investigations will not progress and crime will not be solved. As a Virgin Islands community, we should be vigilant, willing to share information and not make crime a police matter, but a territorial concern.”

She added, “My overall message therefore is that we should all adopt a zero tolerance approach to crime and violence of any nature because One Is Too Much. Crime has the ability to cloak us in fear and fear can cause us to remain silent. Remember, ignoring a disease never results in a cure. In fact, it exacerbates the problem. Therefore, speak out.”
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