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Published: January 09, 2017 12:55 pm AST
Troy Ceasar
Photo Credit: BVIFA
Troy Ceasar, 22, one of the most skillful young football players produced by the British Virgin Islands, has been recognized as one of the top football players across the Caribbean region.

The award dubbed ‘Caribbean Football Young Stars Awards’, released sometime last month, December 2016, saw Ceasar listed with 14 other young players who were nominated by their coaches and writers for their skills, knowledge and overall love for the game.

“When I first saw I was included on the list of top 15 Caribbean youth players, a tear came out my eye. I wasn’t expecting it at all, but I thank God for the selection and my coaches,” Ceasar said.

Ceasar, who is currently wrapping up his last semester of his two year stint at Andrews College in Atlanta, was nominated by his coach, Rudy Roediger.

Briefly, Roediger noted that Ceasar’s nomination came as a result of his endurance, teamwork and skills on and off the field.

“Ceasar has a top speed of over 20 miles an hour, he is skillful with the ball, with a bit of flair and has learnt to use both feet. He completes roughly 80 percent of his passes and steps out of the defensive line with awareness and a will to win the ball. He wins 90 per cent of his aerial duels with his 38 inch verticals and is a very versatile player.”

Ceasar shared that being at Andrews College opened his eyes to education and to football.

“The systems they utilize for both have showed me how to learn and appreciate my talents. I learnt several things that people from the Caribbean shouldn’t just expect to happen, but what you can achieve through hard work.”

He added, “The playing style of soccer was different at first, but the system to play from the back and have more confidence helped my game and showed me I could really compete with other players from around the world.”

In words of encouragement to upcoming players across the Territory, Ceasar said, “Put God first, then discipline, a lot of discipline and a lot of hard work, not just in your game, but also in your school work. If you get to college, the only way you can get to play is by doing your school work. Off the pitch, work hard and the coaches will always give you a chance.”

The young footballer, who supports the Chelsea football team, recommends all young players watch as many games on TV or live as they can, so they can have a better understanding of the game and better themselves by emulating their heroes. He also noted that youths always train and play as best as they can, because they never know who is watching.

One day Cesar would like to make it as a pro player and sees college as a great way of achieving that goal.

Ceasar is currently studying computer programming and business administration at Andrews College.
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Class of 2010 | Report Abuse
So awesomeee to see a great article like this from our graduating class!! Keep up the hard work!!!!
January 09 at 5:10pm | Like    Dislike
Good luck | Report Abuse
A very mature head on young shoulders. Best of luck to you. Take it seriously, be professional, and always try to ensure you relax on the ball and enjoy yourself. Its easy to become too scared to lose the ball at a high level and then hold back your skill and flair. Go for it.
January 09 at 4:20pm | Like1 Person like this.   Dislike
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