Premier Not Giving Up Finance
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Published: January 09, 2017 8:56 am AST
Hon. Ronnie Skelton, Health Minister, Premier and Finance Minister, Hon. Dr Orlando Smith, and Ms Eileene Parsons
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Under pressure internally from party stalwarts to give up the portfolio of the Ministry of Finance, Premier Hon. Dr. D. Orlando Smith has hinted at possible changes in portfolios, but not the Finance Ministry.

“In any government there are changes from time to time in portfolios for the good of the people. What I can say is that there may be changes, but certainly not regarding the Ministry of Finance,” Premier Smith said on the radio this morning, Monday, January 9.

Last week, a letter written by former government minister and strong National Democratic Party (NDP) backer, Ms. Eileene Parsons became public. In the letter, Parsons expressed concerns over the state of the Territory and even suggested that the portfolio of the Ministry of Finance be moved from Premier Smith and over to the Health Minister, Hon. Ronnie Skelton, who in the past served in the capacity.

Parsons also slammed the lack of leadership of the party, speaking to body politic and noting that she understands the 11 elected members are already working hard to manage the country's affairs, but the party is in need of serious leadership.

"We cannot expect you to also manage the affairs of the body politic. For years it has been known and sho-shoed that the party needs leadership and more serious leadership," Parsons stated.

She said that if the NDP bunch intends to be elected again, they need an organization with some modicum structure, which she said has been lacking for some time now.

She asked that they mend whatever needs to be mended.

The leader of the NDP is Premier Smith and Chairman is Mr. Louis Potter.

Parsons later told BVI Platinum News that she commented on what she saw and that she was not ashamed of the contents of the letter.

"There is nothing that anybody can do me," she said.

Parsons added, "I commented on something that I saw because I am interested in keeping the NDP where they are and somebody in the administration building made a copy and circulated it...Whatever goes in there (government complex) drains out."

There is widespread speculation that this is the last term for Dr. Smith as leader of the NDP and that the party is already putting in place plans to choose a successor.

The NDP government has been heavily criticized for its poor handling of the Territory's finances and the United Kingdom (UK) has also expressed concerns over the finances.
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Dear Doc | Report Abuse
Ronnie is the best person for that position.
January 10 at 11:32am | Like    Dislike1 Person dislike this.
Concerned | Report Abuse
Not sure VIP is a better choice. There needs to be a third businessman/woman run group to get in. We like USA have had enough of Dr's/Lawyers/other professional run the country. Lets get business people in. They are normally too busy with their own businesses, but if they do not run they... more
January 10 at 7:26am | Like1 Person like this.   Dislike2 People dislike this.
best move dr
January 09 at 4:26pm | Like1 Person like this.   Dislike1 Person dislike this.
teeth and tongue | Report Abuse
Even to them own don't want them now a days
January 09 at 9:36am | Like11 People like this.   Dislike4 People dislike this.
ndp heckler | Report Abuse
The NDP ask for 2 back 2 back terms and they got them...Now it is time to exit the scene because everybody fed up with them now
January 09 at 9:24am | Like31 People like this.   Dislike14 People dislike this.
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