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Published: January 08, 2017 9:51 am AST
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Wishes of “good luck” and “have fun” echoed from every end of the room last evening, January 7, at the Spy Glass Lounge at Treasure Isle, where Miss BVI, Erika Creque made her final public appearance, before she sets off to take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime.

Ms Creque leaves the Territory on Tuesday, January 10th, to participate in the Miss Universe Pageant, hosted in the Philippines.

The pageant will see Ms Creque, along with over 80 other contestants, competing in several preliminary segments, to make it to the top delegates that will compete in the live show on January 30th.

Many persons came out to celebrate with the queen, including chair of the Virgin Islands Fairs and Festival Committee, Ms. Kishma Baronville.

“She’s not just taking herself to the Philippines; she is taking an entire Territory. We know that she will do great and we will be routing for her. We wish her the best of luck,” said Baronville.

Miss BVI Erika Creque
Photo Credit: Javon Liburd/BVI Platinum News
Other reigning queens who recently represented the Territory abroad were also in attendance and provided Creque with top tips and advice.

“Country above self means so much more, stay true to who you are and your personality will take you places. Whatever you don’t know, look it up, so that you’re well learned,” said Mrs. BVI Angel Cameron.

In kind words, Miss World BVI, Kadia Turnbull said, “stay true to who you are and remember the core values of the BVI. Keep our heritage strong with you at the forefront. Embrace and soak in everything and get as much sleep as you can.”

In response, the beauty noted that she intends to represent the Territory as much as she can, in addition to ensuring that an impressionable mark of the BVI is left, not only on the other contestants but on the pageant itself.

“The last couple of months for me have been exceptional, I have made new friends, new family and I really enjoyed the experience thus far. I have lots in store for the upcoming months.”

The event also saw Ms. Creque gifting the National Bank of the Virgin Islands, her major sponsor, with a personal portrait, that will be placed in the bank.
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To belonger... harsh words which could only discourage the young lady. But in regards to how the funds are spent. I would say the idea of a representative going to Miss Universe should be under Tourist Board. It is a good way to market the Territory with all the world media that attend the... more
January 09 at 9:37am | Like    Dislike
Belonger | Report Abuse
Another waste of the public purse by this government.

Another waste of government funds
January 08 at 12:55pm | Like6 People like this.   Dislike3 People dislike this.
@ Belonger | Report Abuse
We shall pray for your lack of country pride!! A major issue in BVI and that's why we have so much issues.

Best of luck to our country Ambassador. Show the world that despite people like this blogger we are kind, loving people -- and our home is a beautiful and welcoming place . And... more
January 09 at 9:40am | Like2 People like this.   Dislike1 Person dislike this.
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