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Published: January 06, 2017 2:34 pm AST
Malaki Smith
Photo Credit: Dean The Sportsman Greenaway
As sports of various disciplines in the British Virgin Islands continue to develop, producing athletes who result in podium finishes both regionally and internationally, it is matched with an increase in the support and funding invested.

As disclosed in the 2013-2016 Quadrennial Report recently released by the BVI Olympic Committee, approximately $1,900,000 in funding was received from regional and international bodies, with 78% of the funds being utilized for the benefit of the athletes.

This overall funding calculated for the recently concluded quadrennial indicated a $1,305,000 increase from the funding received during the period 2009-2012 of $595,000.

As an example of the Olympic committee’s commitment towards the advancement of sports in the Territory, the report also provided the figures of funds collected during 2005-2008 at $290,000 and 2001-2004 at $142,000.

The figures show a drastic increase in funding over the years, as a result of the works of the committee and the performance of the athletes.

“The aforementioned demonstrates that the current executive has been working extremely hard for and on behalf of athletes, and that their focus was athlete centered,” an excerpt from the report noted.
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