Our People Are Being Held Back
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Published: January 06, 2017 2:09 pm AST
Hon. Archibald Christian, Junior Minister of Tourism
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Calls continue for BVIslanders to be given a fair shot at job opportunities, both in government and the private sector. Government members, Hon. Archibald Christian, Junior Minister of Tourism and Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines, Sixth District Representative recently raised the issue.

"I feel too many of our people are being held back from top positions which I know they can do well in; not just in government, but also in the private sector," lamented Hon. Maduro-Caines.

Hon. Christian said, "I am concerned with some of the hiring practices that currently exist in government, government statutory bodies and some private sector organizations, to the point where some of our people are not given a fair opportunity or are being left behind."

The Junior Minister of Tourism said that he intends to speak more on the issue this year.

The National Democratic Party (NDP) government has been accused of not standing up for locals when it comes to hiring practices. Positions such as Commissioner of Police, Director of Public Prosecutions, and recently, CEO of the BVI Health Services Authority are being held by expats.

With regards to the CEO of the BVI Health Services Authority position, Opposition Leader, Hon. Julian Fraser had publicly criticized the government for the appointment of Trinidad native, Mrs. Paula Chester-Cumberbatch over BVIslander, Dr. Ronald Georges, who is the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

He specifically criticized Premier Hon. Dr. Orlando Smith for not taking a stand against the continued sidelining of BVIslanders for senior positions in government.

"The leader of this Territory has to take the stand; that enough is enough and no longer can the BVI be viewed from outside as fair game. Our people come first," Hon. Fraser said in September.
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Shut up for 2017 | Report Abuse
how about starting wid tourist board first where u work!!!!! Bvislanders is last preference to get a job there!!!!
January 07 at 2:01pm | Like5 People like this.   Dislike2 People dislike this.
at large need to b the boss
January 06 at 6:31pm | Like    Dislike4 People dislike this.
Albion | Report Abuse
I just don't believe that to be true. BVIslanders are given every preference in public sector and private. And there are way too many people in important public posts who are promoted well above the level of their competency, just because they were born here. Helping your own is fine, but... more
January 06 at 6:14pm | Like26 People like this.   Dislike4 People dislike this.
self indulgent entitlement | Report Abuse
I agree with you absolutely. If we stopped promoting people over their competency, then the Govt would run more effectively.
January 07 at 4:09pm | Like7 People like this.   Dislike3 People dislike this.
Which rock do you live under? You obviously dont know what is really going on.
January 08 at 8:28am | Like    Dislike1 Person dislike this.
So why they still giving out so much work permits especially in the private sector? These people coming in and hiring their friends and family with no regards to the local with the same qualifications. Just take a look at those yachting companies and those trust companies.
January 06 at 6:11pm | Like7 People like this.   Dislike7 People dislike this.
BVIslander | Report Abuse
A lot of the Statutory Organizations are guilty as well. Check it out.
January 07 at 10:20pm | Like3 People like this.   Dislike
Candace | Report Abuse
I agree with you about permits being issued for persons working in the private sector. Qualified locals are passed over for senior positions, however, they are expected to train or spoon feed the expats they bring in. They would literally hire people to manage a company or even department and... more
January 08 at 2:23am | Like5 People like this.   Dislike1 Person dislike this.
So Sad | Report Abuse
You give jobs to who you want. Unless you are in the "IN" with some of the Ministers, no matter how qualified you are it will not happen. It is a waste of time to speak with some of them because they listen to you, make promises and then put your file in "file #13" (the... more
January 06 at 3:21pm | Like16 People like this.   Dislike1 Person dislike this.
BVIslander | Report Abuse
I agree 100 %. But at the end of the day, it's our own that keep us back, pull us down and trash us even when we ARE qualified. It's our OWN that do it, NOT expats. BVIslanders are our own demise every time...and in many cases we do not get any better service, just a bunch of fluff.
January 07 at 10:18pm | Like11 People like this.   Dislike
ndp heckler | Report Abuse
aren't they part of the government or is it that they're trying to stay relevant?
January 06 at 2:44pm | Like9 People like this.   Dislike7 People dislike this.
Road Runner | Report Abuse
The private sector is not only legally bound to explore local interest in all vacant positions, it welcomes it with open arms. When you consider the problems (time, expense and uncertainty) with recruiting overseas, most prospective employers would gladly employ 'suitable qualified... more
January 08 at 12:42pm | Like2 People like this.   Dislike2 People dislike this.
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