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Published: January 06, 2017 8:58 am AST
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It’s the most favourite time of the year for gyms around the Territory, with their membership and all around business beginning to boom as persons flock the establishments, working tirelessly to lose all the weight gained over the Christmas and New Year season.

BVI Platinum News spoke to various gyms around the Territory, who expressed that this is their season when persons set their New Year's resolutions for a more toned and healthier body.

Norma Gordon, who co-manages the Body Images Gym with her husband, shared that January is the most popular time for the gym, “because first thing on people's mind is that they need to get in shape and lose all the weight they gained leading up to and in the season.”

She noted that this is the most common New Year's resolution.

“Some persons even put aside funds just to make it happen. We’ve realized this and we try to help persons as much as we can to fulfill their resolutions. The gym offers personal training and various classes such as soca aerobics for persons who come in for the season, to give them special attention.”

Persons who join the gym at the beginning of the year are usually focused on getting fit by summer/festival period in August.

“Persons come in on a mission. They try to get as fit and healthy as they can for festival and after summer, we don’t see them again. Some pop up after, but not much,” Norma said.

Owner of the Sensus Gym in Road Town, Lisa Adamson also shared the same sentiments as Norma, noting that persons flock the gym in January after “they let their hair down over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. They are surrounded by family and friends, and family and friends are surrounded by food. Everybody lets themselves go.”

Lisa, who has been in the gym and healthy lifestyle business for the last 25 years, noted that the average person gains at least seven pounds in December, from excessive eating and drinking.

She too agreed that persons flock the gym from January to lose weight and be fit in time for summer.

“It’s amazing here [BVI] that we have seasons in the gym; it is incredible. The gyms are flooded up until March and then a few persons start to take a step back.”

Lisa added, “Losing weight is not rocket science. In order to keep the weight off, it has to be a lifestyle and a lifestyle choice.”
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