Duo In Gene Hill Robbery Await Trial
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Published: January 05, 2017 12:36 pm AST
Shamori Alphonso Richardson leaving Magistrate Court
Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News
Shamori Alphonso Richardson, 27 and Shackeel Roberts, 22, both of St. Thomas, are currently detained at Her Majesty’s Prison awaiting trial following an incident where both are accused of robbery.

Richardson is being represented by Ms. Ruthilia Maximea, while Roberts is represented by Mr. Stephen Daniels. Both are scheduled to make an appearance at the Magistrate’s Court on January 20.

According to court records, the charges brought against the men stem from fingerprints found at the scene of a crime where a local contractor was robbed at Gene Hill on June 3rd 2016.

Allegedly, while the contractor was sitting in his vehicle on Gene Hill, he was approached by the two assailants, who then demanded money while pointing a gun at him. The victim then began to search his pockets, took out his wallet and handed over the $9 it contained.

The court heard that the assailants demanded money the contractor intended to pay his workers with, then began searching the vehicle themselves, resulting in the victim handing over an additional $500.

It was noted that the assailant wielding the gun opened and searched the front right side of the vehicle, while the other opened and searched the rear of the vehicle. Nothing additional was found during their search and they proceeded to leave the scene.
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Bunch of bloody no goods. Instead of looking work to do, they are up and down robbing people. That same man they robbed they could have asked for a job, but no, they robbed him.

Hope they get convicted and giving some good time up Balsum Ghut. Cannot stand a thief.
January 05 at 1:16pm | Like30 People like this.   Dislike3 People dislike this.
u right.... usually i would comment and say people that thief is who tried to get a job....... but these men knew he was a contractor cause they asked for the money he was using to pay his employees...;... they could have gone to him differently and asked for a job.... lazy A--E$
January 11 at 1:46pm | Like    Dislike
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