Revenge Suggested In Long Look Shooting

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Published: December 29, 2016 9:27 am AST
Essadro Jefferson (left) hides his face from reporters, December 28, 2016
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Essadro Jefferson of Long Look is accused of shooting David Springette on December 12, in what appears to be an act of revenge following the gunning down of his brother, Estavan Jefferson.

Estavan was shot and killed at the Stickette in November. No one has been charged in connection with the murder.

Yesterday, December 28, Jefferson, 22, known as SK, a Belonger and native of St. Kitts and Nevis, was taken before the court charged with attempted murder and unlawful possession of ammunition.

It was disclosed in court that the spent shells found at the scene of the shooting and the ammo found at Jefferson's home were from the same gun. Further, Springette has identified Jefferson as the shooter.

According to the allegations, around 6:00 am on December 12, the victim, Springette caught his usual ride to the Stickette to do his normal errands when a masked male person with a black handgun came from behind a derelict food van, discharging shots at him.

Springette told police that he ran for his life, with the individual firing shots in hot pursuit of him.

The young man told police that he ran in a zigzag manner to avoid being hit. However, he was hit in the thigh in the area of the Long Look clinic and the shooter then ran off in the opposition direction.

Springette received assistance from persons in the area and he was taken to the hospital.

The victim said that during the pursuit, he turned around more than once to get a glimpse at the shooter and at one point he saw plaits coming out of the side of the head wrap.

He also said that the shooter was tall, brown skin and he recognized him to be Jefferson.

Springette further told police that prior to the shooting, Jefferson was looking for him ever since his brother (Estavan) was shot. Springette mentioned more than one instances where Jefferson would stop and stare him in an intimidating and menacing manner.

Senior Crown Counsel Tiffany Scatliffe informed the court that forensic officers visited the scene of the shooting and found a spent shell of a .45 caliber firearm. Later, officers carried out a search warrant at Jefferson's apartment where he is the lone occupant. She said that during that search, Jefferson was acting nervous and a spent shell casing fell from his pocket. Police then found .45 caliber ammo under the sink.

"I don't know about that; ayo put them there," Jefferson told police.

Scatliffe stated that the spent shells found at the crime scene and at the apartment were sent away for ballistic testing and upon return, the results showed that both were fired from the same firearm.

Also, the clothing which Springette described the shooter as wearing were found at the apartment.

Jefferson's lawyer, Ruthilia Maximea argued that her client does not live alone, as there are two other persons occupying the apartment. She questioned why he was the only one arrested and charged.

Jefferson was denied bail and remanded to prison. He will return to court on February 17, 2017.
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