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Published: December 22, 2016 1:41 pm AST
Andy Bickerton and Heribert Hammes
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Despite hiccups and lengthy delays, the Multipurpose Greenland Stadium is back on track and on target to be completed for February 2017.

This news came following an onsite meeting between BVI Football Association President, Andy Bickerton and the FIFA Pitch Installation Consultant, Mr. Heribert Hammes on December 20.

In an update, Bickerton said, “I’m really relieved we have it going again.”

He added, “The project manager is here, we are getting estimates in terms of the timing and it seems to be on track for completion for February, and it’s just a relief, if the rains hold off, to be heading in the right direction again.”

In providing details as to the work left to be completed, he disclosed that the laser grading of the final foundation has begun with a time frame of two weeks to complete and the drainage system will also go in during that process.

The pitch of the field should be ready for installation mid-January 2017, with the entire process taking until mid-February.

Bickerton said, “I certainly hope that we can play the BDO Primary and BVIFA High School League finals here, but we are new to this and will rely on the Consultant for the actual timelines. From the F. A’s point of view, we are just pleased it’s underway.”
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