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Published: December 21, 2016 3:41 pm AST
Mr. Victor Montagliani, CONCACAF President
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The major challenge of footballers within the British Virgin Islands of not being able to play regionally and internationally because of their status in the Territory, will soon be a nonfactor, as new plans are being developed by the CONCACAF body to assist in the enhancement of each member country and their home teams.

This information was made known by newly appointed President of CONCACAF, Victor Montagliani at the 23rd CONCACAF Congress in Miami, December 10-12.

As reported by President of the BVI Football Association, Andy Bickerton, CONCACAF has decided to take over the Caribbean Cup. He noted that with this move, North America, Central America and the Caribbean will now be competing in a Nations Cup, and home games are guaranteed to the BVI.

“Three levels will be created---A, B and C, with promotion/relegation between the groups, with five places up for grabs for the World Cup in 2022.”

This would now enable teams to register their members, despite their nationality and status in the Territory.

“From an eligibility standpoint, the clubs will be able to play their usual players and not be restricted to passport holders, etc. However, any club entering will need to be very professional and have all their players properly registered, proper coaching, Physiotherapists, fitness, technique and understand that to compete at a CONCACAF wide club championship, they will need to be very well organized to stand a chance of competing with the likes of champions from St. Kitts, Antigua and so on,” Bickerton said.

He added, “The problem for our teams, like the Islanders, has been the cost of travel, but now the funding will come from the main sponsors, along with television money and advertising, which means the finance will be in place to cover costs.”

Bickerton noted that these plans are all a part of the newly appointed President’s aim to develop each member state's technical, competitive and administrative capabilities, all while establishing four new pillars of Good Governance, Strategic Planning, Development and Strong Leadership.
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