Girasoli Takes Top Spot In Commodore’s Race
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Published: December 21, 2016 7:33 am AST
Girasoli during the The Commodores Race
Photo Credit: BVI Yacht Club
Keith LiGreci onboard his vessel ‘Girasoli’, took home a win after his commendable performance on Saturday, December 17 at this year's Commodore’s Race.

Seven other boats suffered to Girasoli’s fate, following a race through a range of weather conditions and winds hitting the 40 knot mark as they all travelled from Road Harbour up to Hog Valley Green, across the channel to round Dead Chest before heading west to pass Pelican and Flanigan to Starboard.

The crews had a choice to head out into the feisty conditions around the back of Peter Island or taking the inshore route. It was then back up to the Rhone Anchor dive buoy off Peter Island and then returning to cross the finish line between the Royal BVI Yacht and Lark Bank.

LiGreci also won line honors after racing for just over three hours.

Second to finish was John Hayes on ‘Wildfire’ with Aaron Gardner's ‘Bravissimo’ crossing the line exactly five minutes later.

On corrected time, this gave Bravissimo second overall, but Wildfire had to settle for fifth after another fine performance from David Lake on Wicked Winch (3rd).

Todd Patterson onboard ‘Dances with Whales’ secured fourth place, after he powered around the course in just over four hours and opted to take the outer route around the back of Peter Island.

Don Pietrykowski skippered ‘Reverie’ to sixth place, while ‘Sapphire Breeze’ and ‘Cheeky Monkey’ (STX), elected to retire and not risk damage to themselves or equipment.

1. Girasoli - Keitih LiGreci
2. Bravissimo - Aaron Gardner (1st Racing)
3. Wicked Winch - David Lake
4. Dances with Whales - Todd Patterson
5. Wildfire - John Hayes
6. Reverie - Don Pietrykowski
RTD Sapphire Breeze - Stephen St Leger Moore
RTD Cheeky Monkey - Craig Hassey (STX)
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