Escapee Threatens To Sue Police
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Published: December 20, 2016 7:15 am AST
Edrino Richards known as Mr. Escape
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In an appearance before the Magistrate's Court on December 16 to respond to escape charges, Edrino Richards took advantage of the opportunity to inquire about the actual steps needed to be taken to sue the Police Department.

Richards informed the court that he intends to sue the department for illegal detainment, stemming from an incident in July 2016.

Magistrate Ayana Baptiste-Dabreo informed the accused that he should consult with a lawyer.

The accused subsequently pleaded not guilty to two counts of escape charges, which occurred on July 4th 2016 at the Mental Health Department and September 6th 2016 at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Details of the matter disclosed that following the accused being arrested on July 1st, officers took him to the Mental Health Department for an evaluation.

On July 4, following the evaluation and while being escorted out of Peebles Hospital by officers, Richards got away, jumped over the steps, ran into the bushes and disappeared.

The accused was found and again arrested on September 2nd.

On September 6 at Her Majesty’s Prison, in the middle of securing the prisoner, the prison guard on duty got distracted and Richards escaped yet again.

Richards was seen jumping over the gate of the main entrance of the prison and disappeared in the Halks Nest area.

He was later identified and arrested on September 8 in Parham Town.

Richards was offered bail in the sum of $20,000 and will make another appearance on April 3rd 2017.
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