Man Bites Woman For Refusing His Charm

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Published: December 12, 2016 8:53 am AST
Trevor Frett
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Trevor Frett of Purcell Estate is facing a charge of common assault after he bit the mother of his child on her arm for refusing to participate in erotic actions with him.

Frett made an appearance at the Magistrate’s Court last Friday, December 9.

According to details put forward by Crown Counsel Annjel Flax-Solomon, on April 24th 2016, the accused returned to his home in Purcell Estate and appeared to be drunk.

After enjoying a hot meal prepared by his child’s mother, the court heard that he began making sexual advances towards the woman, who told him to behave and reminded him that their daughter was present.

Following a nap, his harassment towards her continued. She told him no, which led to him biting her, leaving a mark on her left arm.

After making a visit to the Family Support Network, a report was made to the police on the actions of the accused, including an incident which occurred on April 16, when he allegedly pushed her and locked her out of the house.

Under questioning, Frett told officers he was playing when he bit her and he had no intentions to hurt her.

In another matter, Frett was fined $350 for indecent language, following a guilty plea. This charge stems from an incident that occurred on July 23rd, when officers visited his home for another matter and were subjected to profanities matched with an unruly behaviour.

He will make another appearance on January 20th to report on both matters.
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