Grenada Pull Off Strategic Win In BVI Sunrise Half Marathon
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Published: December 08, 2016 7:24 am AST
Grenadas Renon Radix, center, USVIs Shane DeGannes, left and Antigua and Barbudas Kalique St. JEAN, battling at the 10 miles mark
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Grenada’s own, Renon Radix was the crowd’s favourite at this year’s staging of the Deloitte-Ogier BVI Sunrise Half Marathon, where, after a very competitive run, he emerged champion of the 11th annual event.

After completing the race on Saturday, December 3, with a time of 1:20:57, the athlete disclosed that his win was one based on strategy, as he was not aware of the route or the surroundings.

“I didn’t know the route so I had to bait someone who did. I knew once you go out and turn, then I would have memorised and mapped the route, because coming back was about six miles.”

He added, “I knew the course then, so it was a bit of waiting, then start injecting a bit of pace and see what they had. It was a cat and mouse game for the last five minutes.”

Radix also noted that he kept in mind the fact that his opponent from Antigua and Barbuda, Kalique St. John, is a 5000m runner, and added that he took advantage of that.

Fortunate for Radix and his strategy, he was able to create distance between him and the others, in the final leg of the race. For the first 10 1/2 miles of the race, Radix ran head to head with St. John (2nd Place) and USVI’s Shane DeGannes (3rd Place).

“I thought the head pack set a decent pace early in the race, so it was good going. To the end, I had to work a bit but it was wonderful.”

This is the first race he has ever won out of his home country of Grenada.

One of BVI’s top runners, Reuben Stoby, also took part in the event, claiming fifth place.

Stoby expressed his disappointment with his performance.

“I’m disappointed and I wasn’t able to keep up after the first two miles. Maybe the many races this year took its toll, because I ran three minutes off what I ran last year.”
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